ARCADIA Men's Jewelry

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The Arcadia Brand has its headquarters in Arezzo, and it is right here, in one of the most famous goldsmith's cities, that Arcadia jewels are born from the ideas for the realization. They are purely male jewelry, they are offered in gold and silver. The subjects that Arcadia chooses most frequently for its jewels are wind roses and anchors, for all tastes: in gold, in silver, with colored glazes, with ceramic inserts.

ARCADIA men's jewels portray a nautical, seafaring, colorful but at the same time elegant style. They have been made since 1993 in both 925 silver and 18kt gold with an innovative technique for that time: hot enamel. In those years the cold enamelling of jewels was a widespread practice, but the end result was jewels of colors devoid of shine and sanding, so at Arcadia they thought of raising the quality of their products, glazing them at 750 degrees. Jewels came out with colors and clear, clean and precious surfaces. Following this technique, they have become a point of reference in the sector, and the range of products today includes necklaces, medals, crosses, objects and, certainly the most successful product, bracelets with the cards of the nautical alphabet. It is in fact possible to compose the bracelets by choosing the tiles at will.

Arcadia is a leader in the nautical jewel sector thanks to nautical bracelets, customizable through the choice of the nautical letters to be affixed to it. Arcadia nautical bracelets are available in both yellow gold and silver. The most famous Arcadia nautical bracelets are those entirely in gold or silver, made up of badges, but there are more sporty models that combine metal and nautical fabric, or rubber, in the colors black, blue or red. The most particular Arcadia nautical bracelets are probably those in metal with nautical cards and ceramic elements of white or black color, which manage to make an elegant jewel very sporty in itself.