Blister Diamonds: A gift of value

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Giving a diamond in a blister pack is definitely a choice to be remembered over time.

It is an alternative and unique gift idea of ​​its kind, which will last over time and above all will donate and guarantee to the conferment of your precious thought, a real future investment that will never experience crisis, but on the contrary will increase its year. in year.

When we talk about diamonds in blisters, we refer to precious stones inside rigid sealed packages that serve to give legitimacy to the diamond itself as well as to preserve its value.

This precious stone is always accompanied by its gemological guarantee certificate, and also with a special case that will prevent any attempt to counterfeit it.

How to choose a blistered diamond? Which diamond to buy?

If you have decided to buy a blistered diamond for a baptism or you want to make this gift for any other occasion - communion, confirmation, wedding, anniversary, birthday, eighteenth - we invite you to examine some factors before proceeding with the purchase. In fact, there are four fundamental parameters for the value of a diamond:

* The first of all is the weight, which is expressed in carats and which is certainly one of the most important values ​​when it comes to buying a blistered diamond;

* Another factor to consider is the cut of the sealed diamond;

* No less important is the color of the gem you want to buy, since diamonds are classified on the basis of a scale that goes from white to very intense yellow;

* Finally, it is essential to outline the purity of diamonds, which is expressed with a value between IF, the highest level of purity, and PI.

A blistered diamond as a gift idea

Donating a diamond in a blister pack for special occasions will certainly make the recipient happy. Whether it is a baptism, a communion or a degree it is a precious gem that can be kept as a future investment or can be set on a piece of jewelry.

In short, you will offer a real tailor-made gift, to be shaped according to your tastes!


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