Eberhard Traversetolo

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An iconic timepiece from Eberhard & Co.

The history of the Eberhard Traversetolo begins with a crime story: on December 16, 1991 around 19:30 two robbers are preparing to rob a jeweler in the municipality of Traversetolo (Parma).

The robbery will end badly: a robber, in fact, shoots and kills the shop owner who had reacted to the attack by injuring the other robber with a gun he kept in the counter drawer.

The robbery and murder had great prominence, the shop was also an Eberhard dealership and the company of La Chaux de Fonds (whose Italian property knew the murdered jeweler) decided to dedicate it to the jeweler and to the country (and that episode) his new hand-wound timepiece, the Traversetolo.

What is Traversetolo?

It is a manual winding mechanical watch, introduced by Eberhard in the early 90s and which, thanks also to a favorable price / quality ratio, represents one of the greatest successes of the company in the last 30 years.

With a case with a diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of 10.7 mm, the Traversetolo is suitable for medium-sized wrists. Despite the size, however, the watch is worn discreetly and is well worn on the wrist.

In recent years, the Traversetolo line has been enriched with new variants with a modern and captivating look, dedicated to those who make their timepiece a sign of distinction. Brand new releases of summer 2020 references with black and blue dial and black rubberized, waterproof fabric strap.