Eva Collection by Salvini

In: Jewelry

Nomen omen. Salvini's Eva collection shuffles the cards on the table by fusing myth with contemporary modernity. The design looks at the figure of the serpent, a creature with primordial and evocative power, disconnecting it from the more traditional symbolism, without however denying it. “Eve's snake is an emblem of transformation that contains within itself a certain audacity and can be tempting, inviting the wearer to abandon the comfort zone and experiment, to realize all the opportunities that life offers,” explains the maison of the Damiani group.

The silhouette of the jewels recreates the scales of the snake, the collection designed to also attract a younger, rock and trend-conscious target.

The shape is joined by another highly symbolic sign, the color red which lights up the interior of the creations. A color often associated with strong concepts, such as passion, capable of igniting creativity and energy.

Thus the scales and the red, made of hybrid ceramic, a technological material that ensures an intense and resistant chromatic effect, become the protagonists of classic rings and open rings, soft bracelets and bangles, necklaces with pendants and earrings.

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