Recarlo Anniversary

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Recarlo Anniversary Jewels

Celebrate your most beautiful moments with Recarlo diamonds: discover the Anniversary collection and choose the ideal jewels to illuminate a special moment!

The symbol of a bond that is forever

Jewels to celebrate the most important moments of life, with the heart, which preserves a story that has love in all its nuances as its protagonist.

Anniversary is a “young” collection that has achieved a very important success since it was presented. The symbol of recognition of Recarlo Anniversary is the stylized heart present in each setting of these jewels.

It has a significant importance both on a technical level, since the heart, creating an opening, allows the light to filter inside the setting, thus making the diamond shine, and of significant importance on an aesthetic level because it identifies the collection. Over the course of a few years Recarlo, in this collection, has increasingly expanded the range of choice, including rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces with pendants. As for the rings, you can choose between full-circle diamond rings, half-circle, 5/7 stones, trilogy (three stones) and solitaires. Recarlo offers great knowledge in the art of jewelry and best represents it with its precious masterpieces.

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