The Sound of Love Giorgio Visconti

In: Jewelry

The Sound of Love

One note of femininity after another, for an adagio of emotions that becomes a precious melody.

The Sound of Love describes women through the melody of its creations, inspired by the complex simplicity of music: white gold and pink gold alternate in perfect harmony, echoing in diamonds and precious stones.

They are words alternating with punctuation of light, which cross the heart of the wearer.

Act 01 Melody

For every shooting star there is a desire that comes to life.

“Melody” echoes delicate like a dream following the musical score of rose gold, alternating in notes of diamonds that draw the moon and stars in the sky, in the refinement of small shapes of rings, earrings and necklaces.

Act 02 Note

Every gesture is like a note in a song, it gives life to the magic women elegance. 

“Note” embraces all the women shades with diamonds that dance in order to create the perfect Jewels.

Act 03 Voice

Give "Voice" to your soul of diamonds with precious stones of intense colors.

Delicate movements frame your refined female beauty.

A melodic voice of color and light accompanies your elegant gestures.

Act 04 Sound

A poetic "Sound" of new light to remind you to always shine. 

A precious jewel to discover that we are enchanting notes of beauty and harmony.

Enrich your elegant soul everyday.