Yellow Gold Jewels

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The charm of Timeless jewels

In recent years we have witnessed an increase in appreciation for yellow gold among the new generations as well, who increasingly allow themselves to be fascinated by the warm and sensual light of this precious metal. Enhanced especially in summer, in support of the tan, flaunted in various shapes and combinations, yellow gold jewels are confirmed as the favorites of young people and this trend does not seem to diminish.

Yellow gold is obtained by mixing pure gold with copper, silver and zinc. This combination retains the purest color of all gold colors available. It is also the most hypoallergenic and gives off a remarkable sheen when contrasted with darker, olive skin tones.

Let's see together what are the main advantages of this precious metal:


One of the oldest precious metals, yellow gold has a very warm and elegant feel, making it a timeless gift for many different occasions. It is also one of the easiest precious metals to maintain and repair.


Yellow gold looks good on just about everyone. Pairs well with diamonds and all types of warmer-toned gemstones.


Yellow gold is still one of the most sought-after precious metals. This is why yellow gold engagement rings and yellow gold wedding bands are so popular. Its rich burnished color has been a symbol of prosperity and wealth for centuries.

More and more we are witnessing a display of yellow gold jewellery, a tendency to rediscover the beauty of traditional jewels in combinations with warm and intense colours. Here then are the hoop earrings in yellow gold, combined with iconic knit bracelets, which are very successful.

There is also a wide choice of rings and necklaces to complete the look also together with white and pink gold.

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